What Our Gym Offers


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program consisting of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.


On-Ramp consists of 3 one-on-one sessions designed to introduce new athletes to the nine foundational movements as well as workouts, scaling options and programming.


Want to improve your health, wellness and fitness? Want to look, feel and perform your best? Want to live longer and improve your quality of life? Nutrition is the foundation of everything!


At CrossFit Kids, we are working to lay the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, while making the connection between fun and fitness! Whether your child is needing that extra push in athletic performance, or a fun environment to work on skills such as balance, coordination, teamwork and communication, we have something for everyone!


BoneFit is a physical training program designed for those over the age of 45 with, or at risk of Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, or other physical health conditions. The program is based on a foundation of load bearing exercises, which provides the necessary conditions for the body to respond with an increase in bone density. Bonefit uses sessions of functional movements, which vary in time, movement patterns, and load.


One-on-one coaching is a great way to maximize results and with programming based on your specific needs. With either 30 or 60 minute sessions, personal training is a fantastic add-on to our regular CrossFit classes!

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